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What is so unique about these products?
The pop up soccer arenas are easily moveable and can be set up in minutes on any surface. The arenas can turn a front or backyard, basketball court, tennis court, car park or any open field into an amazing and fun soccer environment. Because they are inflatable they attract attention and are highly visible and experience has taught us that people of all ages love to play in these arenas!

Why rent these products?
Pop Up Soccer offers the perfect inflatable soccer products for your party or event. Weather you are a parent, team manager, coach, club director or a local business we can work with you to help you host a fantastic party or event.
With over twelve years of experience our products have been used for birthday parties, team parties, soccer camps at colleges and high schools, club events, tournaments, leagues and company events.
They provide a fun and enjoyable experience for participants and they are products everyone always remembers.

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These products were specifically designed to:
Be safe
Due to the products being inflatable there are no hard surfaces for players to fall against.
Improve the skills of soccer players. 
The size of each arena has been designed to make players use skill rather than athletic ability. Each players will have more touches on the ball and will be under pressure constantly in either in a defensive or attacking situation.
Keep the ball in play. 
Each arena has different size walls which allows the ball to stay in play longer and gives players longer playing time.
Be easy to set up and take down. 
The smaller arenas can take as little as 3 minutes to set up with the bigger units taking less than 20 minutes to set up.
Be easy to transport. 
The smaller arenas can be put on the back seat of a car and the bigger units can fit in the back of a SUV.

The most interactive, fun and enjoyable soccer products that people of all ages always love to play in!
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